New Habits Days…. ?

I am lost on days- But I want to check in that I am still going strong. I didn’t post Mondays or Tuesdays stats yet, but I did my sit ups and acv both days. And since I started Week Three yesterday,I added in one more habit. I was going to do push ups along with my sit ups, but I have absolutely no upper body strength left at all. And that is sad- most people don’t know I used to be a pretty dedicated weight lifter when i was in my 20’s. But not any more….

At any rate, I am adding in a third habit- instead of push ups, I am going to do some dumb bell arm work-bicep curls, triceps, lats etc. I am going to rotate them but will do something with my arms daily.

Who knows, maybe next week- I’ll add squats for my legs and butt!LOL


One response to “New Habits Days…. ?

  1. Chris….WOOOOOOT!!! That’s fabulous and your adding in new habits!! WOW I am so inspired! I need to step up my game soon and get back in shape.

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