New habits: Contagious!

I am giving up counting days- I am way too confused- Sally, can I do this in weeks now. 😀

Doing great with them too. I am really noticing much less joint pain since I started with the ACV detoxing. It is kind of amazing, I have lived with pain so long from the Lyme, it feels kind of weird to not be totoally limping by the end (ok- beginning!) of the day.

Abs: Did 20 the last 2 days.

Arms: Did 20 Overhead Tricep Presses (yeah, still can’t remember the real names so they might be a bit made up LOLOL!) and the next day I did 20 DB Shoulder Pressed. 5 lbs each. Starting sloooow.

And good inspiration! My DD is doing 20 sit-ups a day with me. Not that she needs them, she is perfect the way she is, but it is always good to reinforce strong muscles and healthy moving/exercising.

Sally- good habits are contagious!


2 responses to “New habits: Contagious!

  1. Awesome Chris!!! That’s fabulous that your daughter is doing it along with you!! It is contagious 🙂 Keep up the fabulous work!!

  2. You are soooooo RAWKING this challenge!!! what an inspiration you are to me, my darling!! thanks for sticking with me through this even tho life ain’t easy!! love ya, chica!

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