Missed all of My Habits, but I have an Excuse.

I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday- first time I missed everything since Sally’s Challenge started. But I have an excuse and it is way more – impressive- shall we say, then the dog ate my HW? God, I wish it was that simple. To put it plainly I had a day from Hell. Yes, I claim many of my days to be from Hell, but I guess they could be more aptly described as Purgatory if you go for that theory. This one- definitely some level of Hell.

It started out with me getting up, feeling pretty good. My mom and I had plans to go to the Palisades Mall to look fo good bargains for when we go on vacation. Fun! Honestly, I am not a Mall person, but it was for a good cause. I was only bringing Cait, so I wouldn’t even have to hear the sibling bickering.

Of course the first glitch happened early on. Gary was supposed to take Harley in to the vet’s for her second grid keratotomy- scraping of her cornea since the ulcer is not healing. He is still so sick, and I had sort of had expected it, so I just revved up my morning routine. As I started down the basement stairs to scoop the litter box, our cat Scarlett is lying limply on the top step. As she gets startled, she tried to go down the stairs only to tumble right off them. Yup, I knew this was a bad thing- Finished up getting dressed, while Gary called the vet to say we were bringing both babies in together. I needed help, so I brought Scott with me. I was expecting the worst so I tried to prepare him that we might need to make a decision about her. I told him how strong he was and how much I admire him and his compassion.

Harley’s eye procedure went well- the rest is now up to her ability to heal. I honestly do not know what the next step might be.

Scarlett, on the other hand- is very much touch and go. They suspect that she had a stroke. There is no way of “officially” knowing this without a CAT scan and that would run us about $1500- just for the test. They kept her there for the day and we brought her home last night. Her head and shoulders seems strong and have coordinated movement. From the shoulders down is another story. She isn’t paralyzed, but is very “floppy” for lack of a better word. She cannot put any weight on her hind legs, has no bladder control, can’t stand, and so on. She is on meds and we need to check in today with the vet for an update. We need to give her a few days to see if the meds help. From there, we need to look for improvement, or make a “quality of life decision.” That just sucks all around. With Ziggy, it was an easy (ha ha.) decision- as there was no quality of life. There was no decision. Right now- she has very little quality of life, but hopefully that will improve.


This is my baby girl- She is named after Scarlett O Hara, my favorite heroine.You can see from the picture she is a tough chick- but can be sweet as “sugah” when she wants something. We rescued her in 1995 right after we brought in a male feral gray tabby, who had a little “mustache”.” Can you guess what we named them both? You got it, he was Rhett Bulter. Rhett has since passed on, but I am not ready for Scarlett to do the same.

On a “positive note” (I swear- I’ll grab onto anything to call positive at this point!), I did get exercise at the mall yesterday. Cait needed to bring the wheelchair since her legs are still not super-strong enough to do a lot of walking. So pushing her around in that thing – well that has to count for something, right?? smile_regular


6 responses to “Missed all of My Habits, but I have an Excuse.

  1. I’m sorry hon …
    hope scarlett gets better …

  2. Oh Chris i am sooooo sorry!! Give scarlett lots of kisses for me and tell her she better get better soon!!! 🙂 ((((Hugs)))))

  3. Sorry to hear the news… hugs from us Luv ya!

  4. {{{{HUGS}}}} darling!!!

    we’re here for ya!!!

  5. Oh Chris, BIG HUGS!!! I’m so sorry. Thinking of you guys! I hope Scarlet heals quickly!

  6. Ohhh my darling!! Does it ever end???

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