Scarlett Update and Catching Up

WE are very relieved at our house at the moment, Scarlett is showing small improvements every day. She is getting some more use and strength in her head and upper body. This morning, she even sat , with her front paws straight up! It is very exciting. If she continues to make progress like this, we think she may just pull through ok.

She has been eating great and is now cleaning herself, and purrs just about every time we see her.She even gets a little pissy meow going when we leave her alone in the bathroom! That’s my girl! smile_regular

She goes back to see our vet on Friday with Harley. Harley’s eye on the other hand….sheesh- it is not looking so good. She is still very watery and squinty. I am more worried about her treatment in some ways than I am about Scarlett!

Catching up on my 21 day Challenge: Sat: Did acv, sit ups and something with my arms- can’t remember what. Sunday- did the same thing- for my arms, I did bicep curls.

I am so proud of my friend Cat! She is starting a 21 Day Challenge to try to learn PhotoShop CS2. Go over to her blog and help Cheer her on! Kitty Cat’s Litter Tray

So there ya have it! Sally, you have spread your cheer and good energy al over!

If anyne is interested in following along and starting their own 21 Day Challenge, you can read about it on Sally’s Blog: Sally’s Ponderings


3 responses to “Scarlett Update and Catching Up

  1. Chris – I am sooo happy!! That is wonderful news!!

    I just popped over Cat’s blog she’s doing fabulously!! Wooot! 🙂

  2. That is awesome news, Chris!

    I hope Harley’s eye improves soon. Big hugs.

    You really rocked the habit. I fell off the wagon hardcore in the last few days … hoping to hop back on!

  3. I a so glad that Scarlett is improving (I have been following along ;)) They are like our other kids arent they.

    And I love you 🙂

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