I won Sally’s Challenge!

And to celebrate, guess that I didn’t do yesterday? My abs and arms.  I was herxing, so I probably could have and should have but didn’t feel up to it. Something about the pain and nausea that was keeping me from doing it.smile_eyeroll

But Sally is such a doll and I am really going to keep up with it. I am not feeling so great today either, and I am cleaning today and tomorrow, so maybe I can count that as my exercise.

Nope, that really wasn’t the deal. Even if it is just a few each, I must do them.

Quick Update on Scarlett- doing a little bit better again this morning, She’ll try to wlak bout 2-3 steps,  she looks kinds drunk hahah- before she needs to lay back down. I am so excited for her.

Thanks for reading!


One response to “I won Sally’s Challenge!

  1. A few steps is great, Chris! She sounds like she is healing well. Slowly but surely.

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