Habits and pets and Insanity, Oh my!

Oh my goodness, please let this summer slow down if only to give me a chance to catch my breath. I hate to say it- the date is scaring the shit out of me! All last month, I was counting down the days until the kids got out of school, so maybe I would have some time to take it a bit easier. Not happening.

July has flown past me and I can only hope that August calms down a LOT! It really needs to or I am not going to feel rested and relaxed before the school year begins again. And then- insanity will rise again I try to get readjusted to the grind of school, homework, projects and so on.

I think that my next habit is going to have to be similar to Kat’s- to take time for myself. It I don’t, I may juts explode. Literally. And I am sure that won’t be a pretty sight LOL

Scarlett is doing ok- the vet said at her re-check this morning that she may stay the same as she is now, or she may continue to progress. No way of knowing. But she can now be “released” from her bathroom jail and is now allowed some more freedom to raom about in our bedroom. She is so excited about this change of scenery that she has hidden under my bed for the entire day! AHHH!

Harley has new meds for her eye and we will need to be in contact with a specialist through our own vet on other options we can try. If there are any….

My habits are good- last two days I have been keeping up with them well. My mom told me she thought that my “arms looked skinny.” Maybe they are actually looking a bit toned? Yeah, let’s go with that LOL

other than that, we are starting to get moving along slowly with Gary’s disability. All I can say is how much Lyme disease really sucks, and how it can take so much out a person’s life. But we also refuse to let it get the best of us. At moments, sure thing, it just rips each of us apart, physically and mentally and emotionally. But we always have to remember to keep strong, pull ourselves back together and fight onwards. A few days ago, I was herxing and I had my O-Fam yelling with me, Die Lyme DIE!!!! Nothing like a violent Faery screaming to kill those spirochetes!!! Buhahahah!

So that’s it- same old same old. But the sun is shining, I have a great family/extended family/O-Family/great friends.

I am blessed.


3 responses to “Habits and pets and Insanity, Oh my!

  1. Chris – do it!!! Even if it’s for 10 minutes a night…
    Go in your room lock the door and put on your headphones. Even make a cute sign for your door if you want to gear up for it!!! You can do it – you need to do it! (((hugs)))

  2. Baby girl I LOVE you!! Let’s promise each other now right NOW that we will no matter what take 15 minutes EVERYDAY for ourselves!!! I am in the same spot hun!! Love you!!!

  3. Kat and Krista- lets do it girls!!!!

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