The Lyme in the Coconut Line is Live!

Well, pretty much live- the body care line that has been created to help raise funds for Turn the Corner Foundation has been put up on my website. I spent all day yesterday making an awesome shower gel, body lotion and a great whipped bath soap! The website needs a few tweaks but a Faery can only do so much in a day! But the page is up, and my Paypal address is there.

This is the line:

Don’t they look great? You should see how they smell, I wish I could put a Scratch and Sniff on my computer LOL

$1 of each sale will be donated to, which helps fund research and education about Lyme Disease. They helped produce the film I have been raving about, Under our Skin.

Visit Faery-Wings Apothecary for more information about Lyme Disease and how to order these great new products!


One response to “The Lyme in the Coconut Line is Live!

  1. This looks awesome baby!! 🙂 I love you!!
    Soooooooooo I need you to help me at some point with the whole bloggin’ thing!! LOL!! 🙂 Since you seem to have more of it mastered than I do!! 🙂

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