Hit a rut and digging myself out

The last week was a killer for me. And I slipped up on several things- I kept up with most of my habits, but didn’t do any exercise the last 2 days. Nor did I do anything for myself with the second habit challenge I was supposed to do- 10 minutes a day for me.

I am thinking that particular habit might need to wait until September when the kids are back in school. But I do want to start another habit- maybe do one thing for myself- to help improve myself, whether it is 5 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes to meditate or read, do my nails etc. But it might have to be done while I am working on something else- you know me, I have to multi-task!

I also found myself in quite a funk by the end of the week, so I am going to pull myself back together, keep on working on the Thinking Positive path 🙂

I have to keep in mind that when a habit becomes something I put off doing b/c I don’t want to do it, it doesn’t make it any better for me. Better that I take it slower, and make it comfortable, than to not do it at all, and create a circle of guilt.

So, there it is….. when you hit a rut, there is one way to get out- dig yourself out, slap on a smile and say Yes! I did it!


One response to “Hit a rut and digging myself out

  1. Chris…I agree! Don’t push it…you need to do what fits in with your lifestyle at the moment. Change your habit to be I will do one thing a day! Then choose what that thing is that day after you know how the day will go 🙂 No time limits no specific thing to do…just do something 🙂 Exercise, read, veg, cook, be still ….whatever will bring that gorgeous smile to your face! Just remember the #1 goal and habit we all should have is to be happy 🙂 So if it is making more chaos in your life it’s soooo not worth it 😉 (((hugs))) Love ya doll!!! I’m here id you need me 🙂

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