Day One for ME!

I think this habit is going to be good for me- more of a change in attitude than anything. I made time for some things I had wanted to do. Just a few minutes each- but they made a difference in my day. First, I called my college room mate, whom I had not talked to in months. I called her while I was at work. Sure it slowed me down a few minutes, but in the long run, it was so nice to hear her voice, it was well worth “running late.”

Then I read a book for a few minutes before I had to pick Cait up from a friend’s house. I could have run around for the 10 minutes but decided to rest instead. I am reading Pamela Weintraub’s Cure Unknown. It is eerie reading it- like someone has been looking into my life 😀 But it is also frustrating to see how long this divisiveness in the Lyme Community has been going on.

Anyway, it was a good feeling that I was taking care of myself. I always take care of others first, so this was a welcome change.


2 responses to “Day One for ME!

  1. Chris that is awesome!!! That is so what I found when I did that too….that it was just a change in attitude. It was okay for me to take a few minutes to myself…it was actually healthy. I found my stress level went down a gazillion times. 🙂 So glad you were able to squeeze in some me time 🙂

  2. Baby … I love you and it’s all about babysteps!!

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