What a day! And Me part 2….

Wow- my mind just went blank. Like totally blank…. I thought I had all of these things to post. Now… nada! Lyme Brain!

So here’s a little copy and paste magic, from Oscraps, Daily Ooo’s 😀

My kids are just the BEST!!! For some reason, they were up early and while I was in the shower, they let the dogs out, cleaned up the living room, got their meds started, fed the animals and made me coffee and breakfast! Is that not totally wonderful!!!??
I want to shout how much I love them!

Today we are going to my mom’s for a two day garage sale. Hopefully we unload a lot of stuff and I’d love to make a few $$ too. The kids have their own tables and the money they make is their souvenir money for Mexico. Mine is going to a haircut and is any is left over, also for the trip. Plus I am selling the “Lyme in the Coconut” products so hopefully I’ll get some faery-wings.com traffic as well.
I already sold 6 bottles- which mean I already have $6 to donate to Lyme research. Yay!

And I did my new habit yesterday- I worked my butt off getting ready for the garage sale we are doing today and tomorrow. After I got out of the shower and before I started dinner, I decided to put my feet up and read for 10 minutes. The kids came in to ask me stuff and I said to them, I am taking a 10 minute break and I’ll talk to you when I am done. And guess what?? The world did *not* stop!!!

Have a great day everyone!


2 responses to “What a day! And Me part 2….

  1. Good for you, girl! We all need some “me” time.

    Good luck with the garage sale! I hope you make a killing!

  2. heheeheh … the world didn’t stop!! LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE THAT~

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