Making a Paper with ACDSee Photo Editor 2008

1. Open new document (Ctrl-N). I am using the settings Scrapbook 12×12, at 300 ppi. To choose the base color for your paper, select Background color| Transparent


2.To fill paper with your base color, click on Object | Create Vector Shape | Rectangle. Select your color from the Tool Bar. Starting at the top left corner of your workspace, click and drag to the opposite bottom right corner. If your rectangle does not cover the area completely, select the shape and drag the buttons until it is the proper size. Alternately, you can select the rectangle layer, and put in 12.00 in in both the Width and Height Boxes.

TIP: As you save your project, use the apd. File extension.

3. To add depth to the paper, add another layer on top of the base color. Use the same process as adding the first layer.

4. Click Adjustments| Dynamic Adjustment| Add | Artistic| Weave.

Play around with the settings as you wish. I used the following settings.


5. Next, I want to soften the weave lines. Click Adjustments| Dynamic Adjustment| Add | Blur. I used Gaussian Blur at 30 for Amount of Blur.

6. To further add depth and interest use the Transfer Modes and Opacity. This layer is on Screen Mode, 50% Opacity.


7. Additionally, I created new layers and brushed dark gray shades along the edges of the paper. I used Burn and Multiply Modes to add dimension to the paper.


8. The last thing was to use the “Bathroom Window” Adjustment to the top Object Layer to add even more depth and movement.

8. I then saved my paper as a jpg.


Should you want to download this paper, click Here


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