Lyme Devastation

*sighs* I should be happy. And I am, it just seems to be hidden under a layers of deep worry, concern and fear.

We had the kids’ Lyme Dr appt yesterday. And Good news!!!! No, great news! Caitlyn is doing fab! She is pretty much symptom free. We are going to continue her herbs and abx for one more month. At our next visit in October, we are taking her off all abx, and continuing with aprrox. 6 months of Cowden herbs. I am thrilled! She has come a long way and is doing great!

So, why the worry and fear? Scott, ont he other hand,is improving, Slightly. He still has so many cognitive deficiencies and symptoms. Our dr feels that by now, he should have had a bigger jump in improvement.  We are trying some new meds, adding in another neuro-toxin detoxifier (say that 5 times fast if your “normal,” just say it if you are a Lymie! *grin*), and we’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully this will go well, and he’ll really make that jump. If not, our dr is considering putting him on Rocephin, an IV abx. 12 is too young for a PICC line. My son– no matter what age– should not have to deal with a PICC line. I know, it might be in his best interest medically…. but I don’t want it!!  Gary and I talked and we are in agreement, we are going to try everything we can to make that an absolutely last resort. Nor are we breathing a word to him, until we have too. So if any of you read this, don’t tell  him LOL!!

I am so exhausted- the worry, the fear, the financial aspect of all this.. it gets to be too much.  But I need to focus on the positive. Caitlyn is the end result we are all striving for, we all will get there. It just needs to be on each of our own bodies’ terms.


3 responses to “Lyme Devastation

  1. Big hugs sweetie. I’m so happy to hear that Caityln is doing so well! How wonderful and amazing! I hope and pray that Scott soon follows her lead.

  2. That’s fabulous news on Caitlyn! Woot!!

    (((hugs)) Rocephin is a serious antibiotic – they are not messing around here. Wow I agree a PICC line is too scary with an active child his age. Hopefully they can come up with an alternative for him if this is necessary (((hugs)) I am keeping you all in my thoughts !

  3. Heyyy girl, I know I haven’t been around the O in awhile but I’m still lurking in the shadows from time to time. I just thought you should know you are my motivation to suck it up and not be such a baby about everything. You are so strong, you may be stressed but you’ll get past it, you always do. I feel like such a brat when I get overly stressed about my problems because I start thinking about how they could be worse. I’m so proud of you, no matter what you stay strong. And that is such motivation. I wish it were easier to explain everything that has been going on with me lately but it would take a lot of coffee and cigarettes to get me through that conversation.

    Just know, I am thinking of you, and once things get settled down a bit more (thank goodness the ball is rolling on that) I will be back in action at the O.

    Stay strong!!!


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