Sick of it all– No More!

I have not blogged in quite a while. There was simply nothing to say. I was miserable, my family was miserable, we were all herxing- me in a real bad way.

But no more. I am sick of the negativity. I had been working really hard on staying positive, power of positive thinking, the “Secret” and all that good stuff. And when I was focused on all that, life seemed pretty good! Sure I had some bad days, not feeling well, not everything was perfect, and the bills were still there. But it seemed easier. My perspective was healthier. I knew this was temporary and made the best of it.

Then we all got sucked down- and it is hard to get out of it. And you know what- it didn’t help, it didn’t change a damn thing- it just spread to my family and make us all unbearable. Bad moods really can be contagious! But yesterday I decided this was enough. So at dinner last night, I told my family I was getting back on the wagon, and that I needed their help. Hopefully, positive thinking can be just as contagious.

I wrote up some things I am grateful for.

My grats:
1. That I have a friend like Sally- who has taught me that Mondays and all days don’t have to be bad!

2. That my family had a good family dinner last night. I said to them- enough of the complaining and scowly faces- then we pulled out our Coversation jar and had a fun time answering some fun and seriousl questions together. You could feel the tension within us draining away!

3. That I am alive, and on this Earth, have friends and family who love me and I love them!

4. That the season premiere of Chuck is tonight- that show makes me crack up! Laughter is goooooooood medicine!

I am also really happy to have a helpful website like The Morning Coach. The podcasts and forums there help me keep on the straight and narrow!

If you have never heard of The Morning Coach, go check it out- it helps me keep my perspective in a better light.


One response to “Sick of it all– No More!

  1. You are wonderful. 🙂 I am going to check out the Morning Coach, see if I can increase my positivity as well. You are an inspiration. Keep your chin up!

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