Cute Pumpkin Element in Photo Editor 2008

1. Open new document (Ctrl-N). I am using the settings Scrapbook 12×12, at 300 ppi. To choose the base color for your paper, select Background color| Transparent


2. Choose Shape tool. For this example, I am going to make a funky pumpkin. Click and drag the shape over your work area to the approximate shape you like. If you want to change the shape more, select the shape, click on one of the corners and drag until you have more of the shape you want. I want my pumpkin to be short and squat.


TIP: As you save your project, use the apd. File extension.

3. Next, choose your color by clicking on the Bucket Tool. Then, click on the Foreground Color. Chose the color you want in the pop yp box by adjusting the sliders. Click OK. Your shape is now filled with this color.



4. Now, we need to add some depth to the shape. I want this too look like a plastic element. Go to Adjustments | Bevel. The settings I used are:


TIP: Save your settings as a Preset if you plan to use these settings again.

5. To continue to add depth, I am going to use the Lens Flare tool.

First, save your shape as a png. Then, Duplicate the object (Ctrl-D). Select the top layer in the Object Palette. Go to Adjustments | Artistic | Lens Flare.
Use the settings in Lens Flare so that the shape has enough contrast to the shape. I used Size and Light Intensity at 100% each. I moved the Center of the Light Source to be at the top left of the shape. When your settings are acceptable, click ok.

6. Change the layer settings to Opacity: 70% and Transfer Mode: Soft Light.


7. Last, you can add a drop shadow if you wish.

Select both Object Layers, Make Group. Go to Object | Drop Shadow. Crop to remove excess transparent pixels.


And as always, if you like the end result, you can get it here.


One response to “Cute Pumpkin Element in Photo Editor 2008

  1. Love the tip, girl!! Super cute pumpkin! Glad you are having a better day. Much love!

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