ACDSee Releases Photo Manager 2009

I just got my new copy of ACDsee Photo Manager 2009 yesterday.

I am having fun playing around with it. Much of the software works identical to PM 10, but there are several neat improvements. Here is a list of some of the new features:

Staying organized with new tools from ACDSee

The new Import tool puts this power into the hands of users, who can now rename, back up, categorize and add keywords to images as they are acquired from a camera, card reader, CD/DVD or other storage device. Used in conjunction with ACDSee Photo Manager’s Auto Categories, which automatically organizes images according to camera metadata, organization is completed as collections grow.

Protect and share custom organization

ACDSee users love that they can supplement camera metadata (IPTC and EXIF) with their own custom metadata, including categories and ratings, in ACDSee Photo Manager. Customers can now protect and share this custom information with other ACDSee users by embedding it into their images. Users who manage many image types can now include important information even with file formats that don’t support camera metadata, such as PNGs, PDFs and GIFs.

Frame and share photos

Photographers can quickly and creatively add a finishing touch with a custom border, drop shadow or edge effect, then share favorite images with friends and family with quick uploaders to online tools like flickr. Users can show off photos in auto slide shows and screensavers that now include creative presentation options such as pan & zoom, black & white and sepia effects and music.

Save originals

ACDSee Photo Manager automatically saves and preserves the original image file when it is first opened for editing within the software. Users can restore to the original at any time after making image edits like adjusting colors, cropping or adding creative elements, such as borders, frames and effects.

Save searches

Users can build complex searches based on folder name, file name, location, custom categories, ratings and other metadata, then save time by storing custom search criteria for future use.

However, the one new feature that I think everyone is really going to like is the ability to add keywords to images as you download them from your camera card or a CD/DVD. If you are like me and take a zillion pictures at a time, this tool is going to be so helpful. For example, I took approximately 70 pictures of my daughter Caitlyn’s birthday. When I import them off of the camera reader, I can add the keywords “Caitlyn” and “birthday” and PM will tag them automatically. Then when I want to use them in a scrap layout,  I can find them using a quick search.

Here is a Screenshot of this:

You can add your keywords right in that box- on this photo I typed in “pets” and “Merlin” so next time I am looking for a picture of Merlin, my darlin’ kitty, it will come right up.

This is going to be a very helpful feature for all of us scrappers who want to find pictures of a certain person or event and we have hundreds to go through.

Props to ACDSee for making scrapping that much easier to do!


6 responses to “ACDSee Releases Photo Manager 2009

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  2. That search feature sounds great! I’ll have to look into getting this.

  3. can you give me serial or license code for acdsee photo manager 2009?
    thanks for helping me….

  4. You didn’t happen to get a copy of the new Editor too, did you? I’m trying to find out more about that… whether or not I would even use it since I use CS2. I have PE10 and I do love it.

  5. can you give me license code for acdsee photo manager 2009?

  6. please help i need serial key for acdsee photo manager 2009.. very much appreciated…

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