Obama for President

Heh, if you all know me at al, you know I am a pretty liberal-minded person. So no suprise that I have been an Obama supporter since the very beginning. Call me a an Obaminite, Obamican, whatever. The more I see him in the news, on the TV, in press releases, the prouder I am to be a supporter.

I read this on the Boston Globe Website:  Obama for president

What a wonderfully written endorsement of him.
One of the best parts of this- and one that I hope all of my more conservative friends was this:

Evident from all that scrutiny (since starting his campaign) is a nimble mind, an ever more impressive grasp of policy detail, and an ability to listen to contradictory viewpoints. Obama is clearly a liberal. But when he led the Harvard Law Review, he won praise from conservative thinkers because he genuinely wanted to hear what they had to say.

If this is not a leader…

In light of America’s current economic, political and militaristic issues currently unfolding rapidly, I find that this sums up my feelings quite well.

As the first black major-party presidential nominee, Obama has strived to make voters comfortable with a ‘‘skinny kid with a funny name.’’ And yet the historical significance of his bid is impossible to ignore. Voters can make no more powerful statement about America’s commitment to inclusion and opportunity than to put forward this man — Barack Hussein Obama, son of a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas — as the nation’s representative to the world.

An early Obama campaign slogan declared, ‘‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.’’ His critics deemed such rhetoric too ethereal. Now it seems prescient, as the nation confronts a financial crisis of historic proportions, as well as all the other policy failures and debt-fueled excesses of the last eight years. The United States has to dig itself out. Barack Obama is the one to lead the way.


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