Kids’ Lyme Update

It was along day on Monday man, did I poop out when we got home! I was really happy that I did “clean out the fridge” for dinner. By 5 pm I was on overload. Between the 3 hr round trip drive, the 3 hour visit and all of the info to be processed, the Lyme-inflamed brain of mine goes into “Overheat” then “Shutdown.” My mom called that night to see how they kids made out while I was trying to figure out how to schedule their new herbs and meds, and I had a meltdown on her. She told me very kindly that I should wait until my head was better before I tried to figure this out, and that one day to wait for the new meds schedule was not going to hurt the kids.
Wise woman, my mom

I love this dr! Cait didn’t come off all of her meds, he felt that it was smarter to take her off of them slowly. She is stopping one abx entirely and going down to 4 days on, 3 days off of her other abx. Plus he is adding in another herbal trincture and increasing doses on the others. Of course I was hoping for her to be med-free but this is a so much smarter and safer way to go. She has made so much progress that I can’t see rushing it and having a setback.

The spirochetes like to hide within cell walls and/or become cysts when “under attack” from abx. When you staop the abx, they will come back out and start replicating again. This is why so many Lyme patients relapse.

He was also really pleased with Scott’s progress, physically. Scott’s energy and color and pain levels have improved very much yay! But the cognitive stuff is still and issue and he is experiencecing some Bell’s Palsy and other CNS manifestations along his right side. His abx doses are getting upped and we added a new herb into his protocol.

And more good news for Scott is that when he goes on his 3-Day camping field trip in November, he is going to only need to take minimal meds and no herbs- a little break for him and much easier on the packing and the nurse at the camp.

So oeverall, it was a very positive visit! I know, it doesn’t sound like it so much on the surface, but in Lyme Land- this is great news LOL


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