Gratitude Day One

Hooo boy. This came at a really good time. My good friend Sally is doing a 30 Gratitude Blog Challenge. I really really really  need to get invoved with this. Our friend Linda is also join us.

Today I am on a really tight timeline, so I am going to be super brief.

My Gratitudes for today:

1. My family and extended and O-Fam. Thank goodness that I kave people who truly love me and are willing to help me in so many waysm  Just knowing that, it makes me feel that I can get through all of the BS that is happening in my life.

2. That the election is almost over. I am so hopeful that Obama is going to win. I have such high hopes that he will be a postive influence on the people of our country, and uplift our perception by the rest of the world.

3. That I am going to make a good understaking of a new business doing something that I love- digital scrapbooking! I am in the process of starting a Scrap 4 Hire business- so stay posted on this blog to see when it offically is ready to go.


One response to “Gratitude Day One

  1. Ohhhhh darling!! I’m soooo glad you are joining me!!! yay!! and I am very thankful for you!
    I also hope that if Obama is elected, he lives up to your expectations! AND I am thrilled that you are doing S4H!!! how cool is that???? If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know!! yayayayay!!!

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