Gratitudes: Day Two

I am so very grateful that I am an American Citizen. It has not been an easy campaign cycle. Not in who I wanted to vote for, but by the amount of muck I needed to rake through to get to the truth-by the nastiness of it all. No, Obama is not a saint, nor the Messiah, but I am very proud of him and how he tried his best, sometimes under very difficult circumstances, to stay out of the mud.

But here we are, Election Day, and I have the right to speak my mind, to vote for whom I choose. That in itself is a huge blessing. I am grateful for our Founding Fathers who did an exceptional job 200 years ago, and for the soldiers who fight for us and the government officials who do their best to keep America strong.

I am very grateful for the Bill of Rights. All of them, even the Second hahaahah!!!

Some of my other grats:

1. For Caitlyn who tucked *me* in so sweetly lasy night. My Bicillin shot really hurt and she made sure I had my heat pack nice and warm and that I was all cozy when she said good night.

2. For my mom- who didn’t call me yesterday because she knew how hard I was working from home LOL

3. For my brother- who knows why.

4. For all of you who read this! I love getting hits on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 responses to “Gratitudes: Day Two

  1. i am just another “hit” on your blog hon but i wanted to tell you that it was even exciting for hubby and me this night!it was O so BAMA! LOL
    love you

  2. WOOT!! I love you girl!! And if I ever get my head out of my butt I will eventually update my blog!! Ugh .. love being busy!!

  3. What an amazing post chick. Beautifully written.

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