Gratitudes Day 6

Ok, let’s see I need to focus on the little things- I didn’t get much in the way of help around the house yesterday, sad to say.  But I can be grateful for some other things,

  1. Scott’s cardio appt went well. He still has leaking in the valves- high end of mild- but there is *no* damage to the heart due to the Lyme whew!!!!! And if Scott should need a PICC line, it won’t be any issue (PICC Line goes from a vein in the arm to the chest near the heart). So he is good to go till next year.
  2. I worked on Faery Wings Digital Designs Website and it is coming along nicely. Not finished by a long shot, but it is getting there.
  3. Grateful for my family- My brother invited me and my fam to sty over at his house if we were down by them and we were too tired to drive home. Which brings me to my next gratitude–
  4. My dad, who is going to be 70 on Monday and is doing really great! We are having a special dinner with him and my uncle, perhaps even my cousin and his family. I am looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!
  5. That is one more day and I am still standing, keeping on, keeping on…..

And that is all she writes– for now. 🙂


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