Gratitudes from Sunday

I am sooooo so grateful for Teva soap.

What? Soap?

Oh yeah, baby. This is the soap that the resort we stayed at (El Cid in Cozumel) had inthe bathroom. I brough the two opened bars home, one for me and one for the kids. I should go take thiers back. LOL But this soap smells divine! My aromatherapist nose has been trying to figure out what the oils are in the soap because if there is any way I can replicate it I am going to try!

So when I took my shower yesterday and breathed in this amazing scent, not only did it bring back the best memories in a long time, it made me just want to jump for joy!


4 responses to “Gratitudes from Sunday

  1. When you figure it out, I’ll take some!!! I haev one bar that I’m hoarding until I NEED it!!! 🙂 HUGS!!!!

  2. Awww, how totally awesome!!!! I was so that way after our honeymoon to Hawaii. I had bought some body butter there and everytime I opened the jar it brought me right back there … memories!

  3. The soap contains vervaine. Also known as Lemon Verbena, vervaine is a refreshing, delicately lemon-scented infusion. Where can I buy this soap….I’m on my last sample from my recent trip to the Yucatan?!

  4. JB
    Vervaine….hmmm— not usually recommended for topical use…..
    I still swear there is tangerine, I wonder if it is a combo of Tangerine eo and lemon balm dried herb……

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