Gratitudes Day 9

I am so grateful for Gary! And I realize that I do not say that to him enough. Because of out health situations, I feel like I need more from him, more than he can give. That ends up making me angry, which keeps me from being grateful for what he can do. Then he feels like he isn’t respected for the stuff h does which doesn’t give  him incentive to want to help me more. Crazy vicious cycle!

My grats today are dedicated to the those things he does, big and small, to help.

  • He washed the dishes last night, made sure that I didn’t do them and encouranged the kids to help more.
  • He came food shopping with me this morning- which was very helpful since I had to get a lot of heavy things.
  • He apologizes each time he gives me my shot- it isn’t his fault it hurts, but he cares enough to say he is sorry for having t be the one who sticks a huge ol’ needle in my butt!
  • He always says I love you and sleep good when he gets into bed at night.
  • He is grateful not resentful to my family who helps us out as they can.
  • Ha has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh.

One response to “Gratitudes Day 9

  1. Ohhhhhh this is beautiful!!! and after meeting Gary, well deserved praise!!! he’s a great guy! yay!!!!

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