Gratitudes Days 12-13 and feeling GREAT!

Oh I feel so happy and grateful in so many ways today, I really do. This might end up being long and blah blah-ish hee hee! But that is ok- I am feeling really good. Pain is still there, but definitely “dealable.”  But I got a great night’s sleep and that makes a world of difference.

So here’s a bunch of things I am grateful for between yesterday and today:

Naps! My mom was over yesterday and I was really feeling poorly. She told me to go lie down, Yes I am 40 and still have to listen to my mom when she tells me to take a nap 😀 But I am glad that she did. I was just going to lie down for a few minutes then go get the kids off each of of their buses. Next thing I know it was 4:30 and she had not only vacuumed my entire downstairs, but she got both kids off the bus. It was a good nap! And I couldn’t, nor wouldn’t have done it if she were not here.

My parents! My mom- she is awesome, she does so much to help me around the house and by making meals for me. And for my dad who is coming up tomorrow to help me blow the leaves. Our house is surrounded on three sides with woods so we have so many leaves. There is no way Gary or I would be able to do them on our own, esp since we don’t have a leaf blower. So he will come up and do most of it, and I’ll just have to rake some of the clean-up stuff. And all he wants in return is some home made rice pudding, which is cooking on the stove right now.

Good news about Gary– he has had two decent days in a row- he has not **knock wood** thrown up in 2 days!!! His mood has been better (go figure right?) and has been actually helping around the house. He has also been working on cleaning up the basement and his wood workshop. It is awesome to see him excited and involved in something. Woot!

Good friends! Friends of ours are coming up- they should be here any minute actually. And I love when they come up. They are great freinds and I don’t have to worry about having the house cleaned or cook anything special. In fact Kim and I were on the phone this morning comparing “notes” on what food we had in our own fridges so that we could make a meal for all of us out of it. How cool is that!

I guess I should wrap this up- I have so much more I could write about- but I can save that for tomorrow.

And as always I am grateful to you for reading this!


2 responses to “Gratitudes Days 12-13 and feeling GREAT!

  1. YAY!!!! fantastic grats, girlie!! And you two are on the mend!! I know you will have your hard days, still, but you are on the mend! keep saying that!! yay!!!!

  2. I am so glad to hear that you two are feeling better. Parents are such a blessing. It is so nice they live nearby to help when needed. Keep hanging in there!

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