Three Days of Gratitudes

I know, I have been bad- but eventhough I am not posting each day- I am being grateful each day. And one of the big things I am trying to do is to be more vocal about it. I am letting people know, from a stranger inthe grocery store to my parents, how much they mean to me. I love helping other people, love making someone else feel good, even if for a moment.

IMHO- I think that this is contagious- and is a really good way. If we all try to incorporate this in life, it will truly grow exponentially. Amazingm when you think of it. There are, what? about 7 of us at Oscraps blogging and being grateful thanks to one person, Sally. And we each impact other people around us- it becomes like that old shampoo commercial- and so on and so  on and so on….

A quick list of grats:

  • Gary is now on 4? 5? days of not throwing up? He is still taking the anti-nausea pills, but hey, they are working
  • Grateful for good freinds and family- I can never thank them enough
  • for my kids’ Lyme doctor- he is just fantastic to all of us
  • for the kid’ health returning, so amazing to see them doing better each day
  • for good grades! Cait got all A’s and B’s Scott got all A, B, and C+’s!
  • getting off my butt and painting the bathroom (can’t wait for it to be done)
  • hats! They keep my head warm in the house, even if my family laughs at me
  • fuzzy socks to keep my toes warm
  • for my friend who said that I was looking much healthier than I did over the summer- and that I am starting to have better days!
  • Coffee!
  • My kids and Gary
  • Love!

And there is just sooooo much more!

See you all tomorrow!


One response to “Three Days of Gratitudes

  1. I love reading your grats, Chris. You have such a happy attitude and it just leaps right out to me. 🙂

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