Grateful? Trying hard.

I have been grateful because of some specific things these last few days, but I have to admit, I have not had the “attitude of gratitude.” And there is a difference if you have not really dug in and noticed. To life a grateful life means more than just saying thank you to a person or specific act. It is living from a perspective of being grateful for *everything* not just to good.

To read more about a person who lives with an attitide of gratitde, go read Sally’s Pondering’s in my Blog Roll. OMG, she is an inspiration!

I do have a list of grats however; I amnot blind to all that is good around me. I just take some of it for granted, I guess.

  • both of our family’s who are helping in so many ways that our family can stay afloat, specially here at Christmas time
  • family traditions!
  • my kids
  • having something in common (music) with both my kids- Cait and her clarinet and Scott with our listening choices LOL
  • flannel sheets
  • and a few pretty pain-free days!

2 responses to “Grateful? Trying hard.

  1. Love that you still kept your gratitudes going even if you didn’t feel it!! And your comments about living a life filled with gratitude are so true.

  2. girlfriend!! (she says thru ‘grateful’ tears!!) YOU are an inspiration!!! thanks, doll!!!! love you!

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