Day One

Friday, Jan 2 My first day out on the road to a new, happier and healther me! My day was good. I worked on the wii fit, did some sit ups, blogged and did a parrafin treatment on my hands, which is the part of the “do something nice for me” goal.

I noticed on the wii fit (which I had not done in 83 *ouch* days) how much progress I had lost from before. It really opened my eyes to much I must have gained and subsequently lost. Use it or lose it is true. My goals are to work on the wii fit daily- for even just 10 wii minutes. If I focus on strengthening muscles, hopefully my body can recover from some of the weakenss the Lyme disease has done to it.

I also tried to be very positive and aware of my thoughts. I kept saying to the kids how happy I was with them and how the new year was going to be the best ever. I focused a lot during the day on abundance flowing in to me. it was harder last night when I was in full blown insomnia- that is when all of the little  and humongous fears and worries take over. I used a lot of my ipod meditations to combat them or at least to keep my mind occupied.

Another part of the Morning Coach course is to completely stay away from the news. I rarely watch the news but I am an internet news junkie. I deleted a lot of the news feeds off of my home page, only leaving 2. I didn’t go to any websites, but would look over the headlines so I would at least have a clue as to what is happening in the world. Fort now that is going to be more realistic than cutting myself off completely. IMHO, I don’t think cutting yourself off 100% is a good idea anyway. I get that news is very negative, but I also feel that you need to be informed to be a well rounded person.


2 responses to “Day One

  1. heh!!! just a little support here. I read you r blog and your profile and I jsut couldn’t stop! I can’t believe what your family is going through and your amazing attitude about it all. I am glad you have a good support system in your parents and family.
    to be honest I had NO idea about lyme disease, other a vague idea it was out there. So I am thankful now to have learned about it and am able to appreciate your struggle wome. My mom has CFS and Fibro, so I understand the daily struggle and lack of control.

    My thoughts are with you and I hope to be able to support you on this healthier/weight loss journey we are on.

    hugs! nichole

  2. Hi Nichole! Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment!
    It is not always easy, but I try super hard to stay positive.
    Thank you for the support, it really means a lot!

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