Day Two

Well, because I felt so worn out today, I didn’t push myself as much as I would have liked to. But maybe I am finally learning to listen better tyo my body. I tend to ignore it as it screams at me to slow down LOLOL! I did get in 18 minutes of wii fit. I unlocked and tried the Advanced Step, OMG toooo fun! I also worked really hard with getting the rest of the Christmas decorations and tree put away. That was a lot of trips up and down the stairs. My legs feel it for sure!

Mood and positive thinking was not as good today. I think being tired has a lot to do with my limitations on that. I am also apprehensive about “reality” on Monday when the kids go back to school, and I need to get back into a tougher routine. I chose the word “apprehensive” here because I think the word FREAKED would have sent the wrong signals out to the Universe hahahaah!!!

On that note, I am going to finish up here with a few gratitudes- that always seems to help put me in a better mind set:

  • my best friend Jenn who sent me a really awesome, long “novel” of an e,ail, catching me up with her week off too. I hadn’t heard from her since Christmas and it always makes me happy to hear from her.
  • my new fuzzy blanket- My mom got me the *nest* blanket for our bed. It is so soft and cozy- it was the one nice thing I could focus on through my insomnia.
  • Oscraps Featured in Scrap’n Art Ezine – Free Collab! This was an amazing article to read, and the Oscraps kit in there is fab!!!! I am always so happy and proud to be a Cheery O!!

For now, that would be it….unless I decide to spill the beans that I am drinking a nice glass of red wine… 😉 We opened a bottle on New Year’s Eve and it never got finished. (How sad is that? LOL) But I decided to have a glass with dinner, and to finish the bottle. There was only one glass left- really! I am savoring it slowly 🙂

I hope everyone who reads this is having a wonderful day, night and/or weekend!


One response to “Day Two

  1. I am so glad someone else out there is ‘freaking’ out about the kids going back to school…sigh. I know it will be good, in fact I like the routine of it, but I am still stubbornly not looking forward to it.
    you have a great attitude!


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