Days 3 and 4

Days 3 and 4 Ugh and double ugh. Yesterday was a rough day for me mentally. I was fine with food, drank plenty of water, and exercised on the wii fit. but I just couldn’t get myself calmed down at all. I was very wound up about back to school, and it kept me very unsettled most of the day.

And here- it is Monday, back to school after vacation- and still in a total mental funk. I can’t snap out of it, and that bugs me more than you know!

I was able to exercise- 10 minutes .51 mile on the treadmill. But Then my blood sugar dropped low again, and I needed to eat something sugary to bring it back up.

I think I need to shout a Gratitude out- just to make me realize that not all was lost today. I got my braces “off.” Now I only need to wear them at night. So at least that was a good thing for today!


2 responses to “Days 3 and 4

  1. Yay for no braces Chris. I hate how slow going this getting healthy thing goes but later you look back and it is all good and so worth it I think. At least I hope so.

  2. wow, I am so with you on the back to school thing. I actually had horrific nightmares last night. Of course!!! always happens when you have to get up….it’s just the stress, so I get that.
    but yea, with routine comes peace of mind.

    shout of gratitude for me…your picture at Oscraps always makes me smile It looks so happy. I love it!!! dont’ care if its recent or not, it totally does the trick for me. And I am sure, recent or no….your smile hasn’t changed.

    goodnight until the next post! hehe


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