Days 6- 13

Hmmmmm, has anyone noticed a pattern here? I blogged just about every day until the kids went back to school. Then I haven’t been seen from since. And then it just seems like my days are chopped into busy little pieces.

But I am going to get back into blogging because I have actually been perry good on the Healthy-O Challenges. I have been able to exercise at least 10 minutes every day, which was one of my main goals. In fact, most days I have been able to exercise closer to 20 minutes at a time. wii fit is a lot of fun and I love being able to actually see how my balance and strength has improved.

Drinking 40 oz of water – give or take- has always been pretty easy for me. It is a little harder in the winter because I a always so cold, but I am doing better. And I am adding in a cup of apple cider vinegar tea or herbal tea in the afternoons and that actually counts towards water intake.

I have let the “Good thing for me” slide a bit. I am trying to make a huge effort to use eye cream at night and actually painted my nails last night. They area really bright and fun shade of pink. Keeping them polished also makes me remember to keep using the cuticle cream I make. Faery-Wings Apothecary makes an awesome cuticle cream

Good stuff !smile_wink

I am falling slightly behind on the Intelligent Life Design reading.,Week Two is about the ego—how we label ourselves relative the world around us. If we can figure out how we label ourselves we can change the labels that are not congruent with our inner self. Sounds kind of difficult, but if it helps me figure out what I want to do when I grow up, then I am all for it. hehe!!

So that is all for now. I do hope to get back into the blogging arena on a more regular basis once again.


3 responses to “Days 6- 13

  1. Hey sweetie!!! 🙂 You are doing so great with the Healthy O’s and I’m honored to be on your team. Go Green!!!!

  2. Hi there.. just dropping a line to say hello 🙂 good thing you are exercising.. wii fit sounds a lot of are doing great!!

    God knows I could do with some exercise, but I always come up with excuses.. 😛

  3. Hi there Chris, just popping in to say hi and this is my first visit to your blog. So I’m welcoming myself….rofl!!!

    Well done on the exercise routine and isn’t Wii fit awesome….love it.

    Chat soon hugs!

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