Time flies, doesn’t it?

And I am not so happy about it all that much anymore. What happened to the slow days- when it seemed like it took for ever for Christmas to come, or that summer vacation felt like it lasted a year? Now I feel like I blink, and all of these weeks are gone. I am surprised, but not really that it has been a month since I last blogged here. In my defense smile_wink, I have been pretty decent about keeping up on my P-365 blog.

The winter days seems long and the same and cold and dull to me.I live for spring and summer! And I wish it would come quicker than it is. But then, I know I’ll feel like more time is slipping by.My kids are growing too fast. Scott went to his first concert with his dad the other night. Slipknot. Yup, who would have thought that the two of us would have raised a head banger! LOLOL! No big surprise I guess.

Cait is almost as big as me too- she is starting to borrow my clothes, and she has a really nice pair of boots I want to get my hands on (yes, they fit!)

But while time seems to be going fast for them, Gary and I are still plodding along in Lyme –Land.It feels like this has been going on for such a long time. We don’t seem to be getting better. I wonder if we will ever feel “great” again. I can’t complain that much, I do get a few decent days in here and there. But they seem to be so far away. It is hard not to worry, ya know?

But you do what you gotta do….. It will all work out. I know it will. As always, I just need time and patience.


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