Gratitudes March 7 and 8

Oh man! I am feeling so much better than I was earlier this week. That herx was a killer – and since I literally thought I was dying –  I am glad it wasn’t truly a killer 😀

When I am having a herx, I have to keep n mind- the worse I feel, the bigger the die off- so that was a good one. And when the herx is over there is usually a time period when ya feel pretty darn good!

I have a good list of grats here:

  • feeling better!!
  • the weather- we had an awesome spring day here yesterday. 60* and sunny. We had the windows open and the outdoors called to me. There is not much I can do yard work wise, but I spent the hour just picking up sticks in the yard. There were a lot! But to be outside, getting fresh air was just fabulous!
  • Cait had a great time at the quilt show with her Nana and cousin
  • A yummy dinner last night- My brother makes the *best* turkey chili and we all chowed down. I make it the same — his recipe — but for some reason everyone likes his better. I like that I don’t have to cook it!
  • Lots of coupons- I know how corny can that be? But My MIL brought over stacks of coupons- makes shopping a challenge and i like that!
  • re-reading Harry Potter. Yup, starting from the beginning. They just don’t get old or boring. I am picking up little bits and pieces of info that will become important later on. She is a master!
  • Yesterday Gary and I played a military wii game that we borrowed from my FIL- Ghosts Hunters? Ghost Fighters? I don’t know,*shrugs* it was fun to play, just the two of us- and neither of us had a clue what to do;)
  • DST! As much as I ahte the lose th ehour of sleep, I love that feeling of the longer days! Spring is coming closer!

Enjoy your weekend- there is still quite a bit of it left!


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