Gratitudes March 9-10

In spite of some really disaterous insomnia  on my part and major restless leg/full body twitching on Gary’s part- leading to two extremely restless nights of sleep, I am feeling surprisingly well! I think it has to do with two key points:

  1. the weather it is still quite cold and damp, but it is not as bad as that frigid cold and snow we had been dealing with. Something about waking up and not shivering as you try to jump into the hot shower just gets my day started a bit better.
  2. Gary is experimenting with coming off some of his pain meds. He has unfortunately and unsurprisingly gotten caught in the cycles of tolerance and intolerance and dosages and withdrawals. To add to the difficulties, our new HMO will not cover our one main pain medication. That was the push he needed to try to get himself off of them. I had stopped into our local health Food Store (shout out to Harvest Moon in West Milford!!!) and the owner, John, did a whole consult with him to help him use natural herbs, fermented foods, and mushroom extract to help calm the body systems, reduce pain and inflamation. This could very well help his constant nausea too. This makes me very reived becasue I truly hate the amount of meds we both take, but especially him, since he is so chemically sensitive.

So I have some grats:

  • I am feeling hopeful for him- that perhaps this is the direction he needs to take to get better.
  • So grateful that we have an *amazing* and knowledgeable herbalist in town.  They don’t have a website but here is their local info. Harvest Moon
  • I saw green in my gardenthe other day- yup a teeny bit of lily coming up!
  • A really fun week planned at Oscraps next week. Psst, I hear there is going to be a big birthday party there…..*wink*

Have a wonderful day!


One response to “Gratitudes March 9-10

  1. Your slacking lay!! hehe!! Isn’t it horrible how we go from one habit to no habit overnight. I’ve been really bad about blogging too. Especially when I fell off the diet wagon. Bad Clara!! OKay, not really giving you crap…just harassing myself. I am amazed that you can come up with such great things to be grateful for. I don’t think I could come up with all that.

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