Horoscope reality, coincidence or synchronicity?

So yeah, I admit it. I believe in a lot of the “wacky” stuff- ghosts, ESP, tarot cards and so. I do believe in Astrology, more as a soft science of how the planets all together impact our beings. The daily horoscopes, eh. They’re fun to read, but rather meaningless.

But get this, I have been working really hard at getting Faery-Wings back into running. I have gotten several orders over the last week.
I am trying to look forward to the warm weather and feeling better.
Every night I do positive affirmations to keep my focus strong and my stress level as low as possible under the circumstances.

Earlier in the week, things were going absolutely horrible, but over the last few days, we have gotten bits of “good” news. Things that were terrible are turning out to be blessings in disguise, almost. Not quite there— but better!

So today, I happen to see my horoscope on my Google homepage.
This is what it says:

You may already realize that the days ahead will get easier for you, even if you aren’t fully ready to trust your intuition. Instead of having to stand up and fight for each and every little thing, you are entering a period when you’ll feel encouraged by your peers. Don’t let old fears sabotage current endeavors. Having faith in your friends now actually enables them to offer you the support you need.

OK- now *that* is the best “news” I have heard in along time. Does this mean that things could be moving forward for us? That maybe, just maybe things won’t be a total struggle?

So yeah, my question is– could the horoscope be real? Is it just a coincidence that I have been working hard on the Law of Attraction? Is it synchronicity that this things are happening and I am finally becoming aware?

Or is the bigger question– does it really matter? 😀


One response to “Horoscope reality, coincidence or synchronicity?

  1. Hi,
    Astrology and all forms of divination are one of the secrets of synchronicity. See our blog:
    Rob MacGregor

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