I want this!

How cool is this? I don’t have a digital picture frame, although I would really like one some day. With all of the digital scrapbook layout that I do, I would love to find a way to share them. Instead, they sit, lonely on my hard drive 😉

But this is really neat, since you don’t have to have a digital frame to use this software. It can be hooked up to my TV, since it is connected to a computer. Don’t ask me why or how, that type of question goes directly to Gary. All I know is thta we can watch streaming video fromthe computer on our TV. Pretty neat.

Anyway, I could put my digital LO’s on a memory stick or DVD, out in the computer and run it with this software, and see them on the big screen.

Eventually I would love a digital frame, and this software would just make it easier to use.

This is some info:

  • Picture Frame Manager connects the computer with any removable memory device such as a picture frame, SD card, USB drive or other portable display that mounts as a mass storage device.
  • Once connected, drag-and-drop features make loading, moving, changing or deleting images a snap.
  • To increase memory capacity, the software optimizes images for frames of any size or resolution, even for today’s high-definition television screens. Because each image is set to the correct resolution for each frame, up to 10 times the amount of images can be stored and displayed.
  • Picture Frame Manager makes waiting for photos to display a thing of the past. All types of decodable image files, including TIF, GIF, PNG and RAW-format files from today’s DSLR cameras, are converted automatically to JPEG format, ensuring smooth, professional transitions every time.
  • Users can manage multiple frames at the same time and save settings for each frame.

You can get more info on the ACSDsee Website.


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