Crazy Crazy Crazeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yup, that is me, Goin’ Crazy! (Gone?? You think it is too late, that I have already *gone* crazy?? Hey! I resent that!)

I guess it is the truth,  just read through some on my earlier posts and you’ll see… totally bonkers!  That’s me!  So what have I been up to the last few weeks since I posted. Some days it seems like a whole lotta nuthin.’ But that nothing seems to take along long time and is sooo darn tiring LOL

The one great thing is that the weather is finally getting nice, for the most part. I love to work outside in the yard and gardens. I used my Gift Certificates that we won for Eden Farms to get some flowers and herbs. That was fun and dirty and relaxing! Except for the tick I had crawling on me. That freaked me out and made me itchy the rest of the day. Weird, since you can’t feel a tick bite you. It was all in my head (see, more proof of crazy!)

I am working hard at Faery-Wings- I am now a member of the Association of Artisan Businesses

As part of the membership, I now have a web store at Artisans Online.

It has been a great experience setting it up and I can’t wait for some orders to come through (hint hint!)

I hope that you will stop by and take a look. It has a lot of new products in there, including the new body lotion and shower gel scent, Sugared Lemon Drop. mmm mmm! Perfect for these upcoming summer days 🙂
Other than that, it seems like May is busy with all of our family fun- birthdays, Mother’s Day anniversaries… and it all flows into June.

I hope that you are all doing fantastic!


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