Anatomy of a Layout with Photo Editor 2008

One of the designers that I CT for, Nina Scraps, just put out an amazing bunch of products over this past weekend. I decided that I wanted to really make a special layout to showcase her talent. I was so pleased with the results, that I wanted to share it here, along with some instructions so you can use some of these techniques as well.

My first step was to chose a picture that would work with her new set clip.your.pic I opened both files up in ACDSee Photo Editor 2008 (PE)I dragged the photo onto my work space and then the clipping mask on top of it. I adjusted the size of the clipping mask to best fit the photo. Selecting both object layers, I then “Trimmed to Shape”. I saved the clipped photo as a png  and then closed the photo in my workspace. The png is still in my Image Basket.

I wanted to use a template so I chose a new psd template made by timounette, another CT member. (keep your eyes open on Nina’s Blog because there might be a template challenge coming soon ;)) I opened the template in PE and saved it immediately as an apd file. From there, I went to  Photo Manager and selected some colored paper, word art, and flowers from Nina’s Kit, and a gorgeous new background paper from blanchatre. I dragged them right into PE, but you can also use Ctrl-E to open files into your editor.

The background paper went on first. I moved it down to the bottom layer and deleted the template background.Next I dragged the colored papers, one at a time, onto the template, selected the template layer and paper layer together and then used the “Trim to Shape” button to clip the paper to the template shape.

I wanted a bit more embellishment on this layout, so I grabbed a paint smear from Touch.of.color.2 and placed that under the rectangles. It had a hard edge on one side so I used a soft eraser brush to blend the side a bit. I added some flowers to the layout. Then I wanted to add some word art, but I didn’t want a harsh contrast to the very muted background.  After dragging the word art onto the background, I moved it to just on top of the background layer. I tried out each of the different Transfer modes, until I found that the “Difference” blending mode achieved the look I wanted.

The color of the word art that I chose was originally a bright red, which did not fit the mood of this layout. To give it this deep brown color, I selected the word art, then clicked on Adjustments|Color|Colorize. I played around with the hue and saturation until I found the right color I had envisioned.

The last steps were to add a soft drop shadow to the photo and the paper strips. I used a lighter grey  color and a smaller offset then the default settings to keep with soft and muted tone.

I save my projects often, but after I am done, I will use the Save to Web option so get it ready to be uploaded to my gallery.

You can see by this description how easy it is to create a beautiful layout using PE, using many different digital scrapping techniques. I hope that you like this layout as much as I do!


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