Paper Tutorial for Photo Editor 2008

Designing a Paper in Photo Editor

I am using a color scheme from

  1. Open New Document (Ctrl-N). To Select the color, for the background, click on Custom in the drop down box. Click on the small box next to it to choose your color. You can either find a color using the cursor or you can enter a HEX code in the box on the bottom left. I have entered a HEX code from the color scheme I found on Click OK.


  1. Make sure your settings are at 12 x12 and 300 dpi and click OK.
  2. Now you need to save this as a jpg . Close the file. Double click on the paper that is in your Image Basket. This will open the jpg paper up as its own layer in your Object Palette.


  1. Click on the paper and then go to Adjustments| Noise| Add Noise. Choose your settings that you want. Here I am selecting an Intensity of 50, Gaussian and Monochromatic.
  2. I want a soft but splotchy feel to this paper, so next I am going to use Adjustments| Artistic| Oil Paint. Play around with the, Brush width, Variance and Vibrance until you get a look that you like.
    I used a Brush Width of 17, Variance of 40 and Vibrance of 3.
  3. Now I want to add some interest to it. Using a Swirlie Q brush by Carla Gibson, I am going to stamp swirls onto the paper.
  4. As I stamp the swirls, they can be rotated and resized just as a regular object can be. Click on the Navigation Tool (the arrow) then on the object layer. The stamp will have a bounding box that can be resized by dragging the corners.


  1. I want to mirror these swirls in the opposite corner. To do this, Select all layers and Create Group. Click Ctrl-D to duplicate the layer. Then you rotate the layer and place it on the top right corner. Then I am going to resize by clicking on the layer and dragging on corner on, to make it smaller. I also added in a third color from this palette with some small swirls for additional depth.


  1. Save your project as a jpg at 100 quality.

If anyone would like to downlaod the paper, use this link.


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