So cool! Digital Picture Frame Manager

You might remember a couple of months ago I blogged about wanting to get a digital picture frame and ACDSee’s software, Picture Frame Manager. For those of you who might not remember, or perhaps might have let that post slip on by ;), you can read about it here: I want this!

I got a Digital Spectrum Solutions Memory Frame. What did I need next? You got it! ACDSee Picture Frame Manager. I was able to get the frame displaying so many of my favorite pictures in no time. All it took was the opening the software, connecting the frame to my computer and dragging and dropping photos into a “Picture Frame Folder.” Then I disconnected the frame from the computer, and it had all of my photos on display. Here is a picture of it:

2009-07-03 12-40-31 - IMG_3324

Right now, I have it set up in the “Clock/Calender” setting, since I am at my desk.

The software will really make it easy for me to set up different photos sets. I am thinking that it will be fun for the holidays to pull all of my Holiday-Specific pictures and use the frame as a decoration. I might even have to put some music and movies on it too!


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