Unjournaling: Fishy, but not Fish

(Caitlyn and I are doing a journaling project together this summer. We are using the book, “unjournaling” by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston for our writing prompts. Thanks Aunt Jenn for a wonderful gift!)

Tell a fish story. Use as many fishy words without actually writing about fish.

I have a daughter. Her name is Caitlyn and she is a shrimp. She thinks that is almost bigger than me, but she is not. She is a twerp, according to her Grandma, but only Grandma is allowed to call her that. Shrimp is cuter for her anyway.
And she is cute- beautiful even- beautiful as the smooth scales of a rainbow trout.

She is also as changeable as the tides as her moods flow in waves. Sometimes she is a placid lake. Other times, watch out, she can be a tidal wave.

No matter what her mood, no matter how she acts, it doesn’t matter to me. She is my catch of a lifetime.


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