Gratitude Blogging

I decided to read over my poor lonely and neglected blog. It has been a long time since I did any Musings or Gratitudes. I just  finished an End of Summer Musing, so I guess I should do a Gratitude as well.

Let’s think….. I am grateful for:

  1. Always first and foremost, family and friends. I can never say enough how much you all mean to me. I would not be able to get up every morning without knowing that I have a wonderful network of the best people around.
  2. My O-Fam!! I looooove my O-Fam. And for those of you who don’t know, my O-Fam is the group of ladies that are members of Oscraps who totally ROCK!!!
  3. FLyLady– who is helping me get my house cleaned and organized, one baby step at a time. I also have to include my O-Fam who is “FLYing” along with me.
  4. Xanax– because I need one right now!

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