2 More Design Tutorials for ACDSee Photo Editor 2008

Making Doodle Borders In PE 2008

Both of these are based on the Design Class I had mentioned in an earlier post, from RAKScraps

  1. Open a New Document (Ctrl-N) Use 12×12 Scrapbook settings, 300 dpi and a transparent background.
  1. Drag down horizontal guidelines.clip_image001[4]
  1. Use your pen and tablet or mouse to create a border of dots and dashes, squiqqles, doodles, vines, or whatever else you can think of. You will want to use your marker tool rather than the paintbrush to draw lines. Use the paintbrush tool to stamp a border.
  2. Setting should be set at the desired brush size, Spacing 1 pixel, and No fading.clip_image003

TIP: I find that when I zoom on the page, I get more control using my pen and tablet.

  1. When you have your rows finished, go to View>Guides> Off to hide them.
  2. Save as a png file.

 Doodle Borders

Grungy Papers in PE 2008

  1. Create a New Document, using the 12×12 Scrapbook setting. Choose your color from the custom Color Button.
  2. Download a grungy texture overlay  your favorite scrap site, or use one that you already have. I am using one from Vicki Stegall’s Lush 2 Collection available at Oscraps.com.
  3. And I made my own in PE by creating a new file with a transparent background. Using black marker tool, I colored over the edges of the file, varying the opacity for variety. Then I used a soft edge eraser to soften the inner edges of the color
  4.  CAC_Grunge Overlay1
  5. Drag overlay onto background and select Transfer mode Burn. In the first paper, I set Opacity to 20%. In the second, I used 50%.

Grunge Paper Green2 Green Paper 1


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