Gratitude bloggin’ 2009!

My friend Sally, who has the blog Sally’s Pondering’s, is running another Gratitude Challenge. Sally is an inspiration to me. She has the best attitude and just oozes enthusiasm and love. Sally lives in Texas, and I was so fortunate to meet her, her wonderful husband and their oldest daughter Cora last year.

I hope that things work out for my family (and hers) and we’ll be able to meet up again next year at our gorgeous friend Cyn’s place in Cozumel.

Anyway, enough about Sally- I wouldn’t want her to get all stuck up or anything (I can so hear her laughing at that one!!). But gratitude is an amazing way to live. I find when I can focus on things that make me grateful, I can start my day in a better frame of mind.  Sometimes, the things I am grateful for seem small and somewhat silly (however, do not ever make the assumption that coffee is small or silly to me!).  Others will be much more personal and thoughtful. Both types, and everything in between, are important.

I am looking forward to starting this 40 day journey with Sally and many of my friends at Oscraps. I hope that you enjoy reading these, and maybe you’ll even like to take this journey with us!


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