Gratitudes: Day 2

So yesterday I was all warm and fuzzy and happy and grateful. Until both kids came home from school, fighting and bickering and driving me insane!!!

Instead of some mushy lovey-dovey gratitudes, I am going to have to dig a bit harder here.

For today:

  1. My grocery shopping for the week is done, I didn’t spend too much *and* I got my coupon for 10% off my next shopping order.
  2. I am getting my hair done today- roots are getting a quick touch up, and the dry and crackly end of my end will be trimmed off.
  3. My remote start is going to get installed today! All I wanted for lat year’s Christmas was a remote starter for my car. All I wanted for birthday (in June) was to have it installed. Yay me! It is happening today!
  4. Do overs and new starts- each day is a chance to start over. If the kids can behave, then we will celebrate Cait’s birthday tonight.
  5. New Fall season on TV! DVR’d  House last night, plus NCIS/NCIS: LA tonight, I am ready to snuggle up on the sofa and have a TV marathon.

One response to “Gratitudes: Day 2

  1. Ohhh I thought of you all night while I was vegging in front of my DVR, too, babe!!! hope it was the best night!! love you!!

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