Making a Photo Disk in Photo Manager

I love being able to use ACDSee to make Photo Disks. It saves so much room on my hard drive, but is also keeps those photos accessible to me.

I just got a DVD full of pictures from my daughter’s birthday last week from the in-laws. I know I am going to want to scrap them and there are a lot of great shots to choose from. I don’t have lots of extra room on the hard drive (who does??) so right now, as I type, I am making a Photo Disk from the DVD.

To do this, I put the DVD in the drive. After Photo Manager is done reading it, I go to New| Photo Disk. I enter “Caitlyn Birthday 2009” as the Photo Disk Name. Then I select the Folders that I want to have cataloged in the “Specify Folder DIaloge Box.” This is a nice feature if there is more than one Folder on your DVD/CD. For example, on this DVD, there are two Folders, one with photos of my daughter and nieces, the other … I don’t have clue! I only have to have the appropriate folder checked, and the other one will not be part of the Photo Disk.


When that is done, I can go back and tag my photos. I am tagging these with the Categories of “Caitlyn” and “Birthday.” Then I Embed the Metadata into these selected files.

To use these files, click on the Offline Media Folder in your Folder tree.

Offline Media

When you click on the folder it will bring up thumbnails of each photo. These are not the actual photo files, but an ACDSee generated thumbnail. The “real” files are still located on that DVD. Click on the photo that you want to use, and a box will pop up telling you the name of the CD or DVD that the file is located on. Insert that disk in the drive,  let ACDSee Photo Manager read the disk and there is the photo you want to use.

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