Anatomy of a Layout 2

I loved being able to walk other Photo Editor users through the process of making a cool digital layout. Here is my second layout that I am going to scrap with you, step by step.

The first thing I decided to do was to make the photo a bit more interesting. It is one of my favorites and I have scrapped it before. To make it a bit different, I am going to selectively keep the color of the pumpkin, and put the rest of the photo in gray scale.  It  looks like  it should be a really tricky technique, but actually it is so simple.

Open the picture you want to use in Photo Editor. Duplicate the photo with Ctrl-D. The top photo is the one  I am going to change to black and white. To do this, click on the top photo or click on the top layer in the Object Palette.  Depending on your layout, you can do this in one of several ways.  You click on Adjustments| Color and then you can use:

  • Gray scale- for an automatic grey scale conversion
  • Hue/Saturation- if you want to have more control over the saturation level
  • Sepia- if you prefer an antique tone

grey scale

I chose plain old gray scale for this one, but the other options would have worked as well.

Next, select the eraser tool. Choose a hard brush tip, Make sure the Spacing Setting is for 1 pixel, so it doesn’t “scatter.”


Eraser over the part of the gray scale photo that you want the color to show,using the Magnifying tool to get into the smaller spaces. Group both Objects Layers together by selecting them,  and Right Click on “Make Group.” Save the photo, and close it. It will remain in your Image Basket.

Next, I have selected  two papers for the background. The bottom paper is a relatively plain orange and peach paper. The second paper is an antique tan, with newsprint shapes cut out on it. I am going to use the “Transfer Modes” to blend the two papers into one. I select the papers while in Photo Manager and drag them into Photo Editor.  I open the plain paper first, and then the patterned paper on top. Click on the top paper to select it, then go to the top right or bottom right of the screen where it says Transfer Mode. Scroll through the modes until you find one that works well with your page. For this layout, I am using Hard Light. If you want to lower the opacity of the paper, you can use the Opacity Sliders to the left of the transfer Mode boxes.

Next I drag my photo from the Image Basket to the page, then a frame. Once I have them positioned where I want them, I can Make Group with them too. Don’t forget to keep saving your work as you go!

Add whatever other elements and word art you’d like. Then you can add your Drop Shadows ( Object | Drop Shadow) to anything that needs it, like the frame and leaves.

Here is my finished layout:

Credits: Everything is from Oscraps New Collaboration Kit Otono, coming soon to


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