Gratitude Catch-up

Oh wow, I have really been slacking on posting my gratitudes here. I have been posting them over at Oscraps so what I am going to do is make one big post of them- this should be interesting. Anyone want to guess how many times I say “coffee”? Do you think I will say that I am thankful for coffee or sleep more than I say that I am thinkful for me family? 🙂

I am grateful for:
1. A few hours of relative peace and quiet
2. two Lo’s scrapped!
3. My O-Fam
4. The smell of roasted garlic to go with my roasted chicken
5. a low cost trip to the grocery store


1. that the meeting with Scott’s teachers/school admin is over.
2. Bone scan is over.
3. nat’l Coffee Day!
4. Home made soup- that everyone enjoyed!
5. a nice glass of red wine with dinner

2. That things with Scott were better than we expected.
4. Wine and brownies


1. Grateful to sleep a bit late
2. Scrapping time!
3. A new Oscraps Kit to play with (sshhhh, its coming soon)
4. good books


I am grateful it wasn’t a heart attack


1. That I got an extra hour of sleep
2. That Caitlyn made it into Gifted and Talented Art!
3. That I didn’t have to work today
4. That I able to work tomorrow and Friday- that my schedule is flexible
5. For my friend Kelly- who cooked my family a big tray of ziti and brought it over so I didn’t have to cook tonight
6. for everyone who loves me, thank you for helping me to realize that I am love-able

And that catches me up to today!
Thank you for reading, and thank you Sally for keeping me going!


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