Using ACDsee Photo Manger to find a specific designer

This is a great tip for anyone who is doing a designer specific challenge or doign CT work.

Right now I am working on a Challenge at Oscraps for Merkeley Designs. It is the October GOT IT Challenge. One of the requirements of this challenge is to use at least 50% or more Merkeley Designs products. I love Merkee’s designs and have a lot of them in my scrap stash.

When I organize my supplies, I use the Author Box to keep track of the designer’s name.  To easily find everything by her, I can go to the “Organize Pane” and click on the + sign next to Author.


When the Author List generates, click on the  designer’s name, in this case Merkeley Designs, and every file with that name will be brought up. If you have more than one name for the same Author, such as here with misspellings, select all  variations to get all of the files.


When the file list is complete, go back to the Properties Pane, Select All (Ctrl-A) and click in the Author Box. When the “Reset author for all selected files?” box pops up, click Yes. Type in the correctly spelled name. This will then apply the right name to all of the files.

For more information on using the Author property,  read:

Back to the Challenge….

Now that I have all of Merkeley Design’s supplies come up, I can now easily scroll through everything I have of her’s. I will Ctrl-click on each of the papers and elements I want to use in my layout, then drag them into ACDSee Photo Editor, Once I have them in the Image Basket, I can get right down to scrapping!

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