My New Favorite Christmas Decoration

Anybody who knows me knows that I hate clutter. But at the same time, I love seeing all of my old Christmas pictures of the kids. Over the years, I have a lot of pictures of both kids with Santa, and even a few of my cats with the Big Guy.

I hated not being able to display them all, but I hated having to unpack, set up, dust and then re-pack all of these photos even more.

But, I came up with an awesome solution. I am using my Digital Photo Frame and ACDSee Picture Frame Manager to display all of my photos- in one photo frame. How cool is that!!??

First I open up the Picture Frame Manager Software and connect the frame to my computer with the USB cable. The Frame gets plugged in and turned on.

I go to File New (Ctrl-F) to open a new Picture Frame. I am calling this Christmas 2009.


I select  all of the photos I want to put onto my Photo Frame, right click on it, and then click Send to Frame| Christmas 2009.


This will copy these photos over to the Folder: Christmas 2009.

Now I am going to add some digital scrapbook layouts I have done from the holidays. I am going to use the Picture Frame Browser to go to my Folder with  my scrap pages.I will Ctrl-Click to select multiple files, then right click to send them to the Frame as well.

Now, all I have to do is disconnect the frame from my computer and use the remote to set the pictures up as a slide show.

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