Laughing is so much fun- makes you feel great, increases endorphin levels, lowers blood pressure and burns calories. So how come we don’t laugh a lot any more? We should, shouldn’t we? Sometimes it seems hard to find things to laugh about. The world can be a scary place, finances are tight, kids give us stress.

I have one thing that can make you laugh. Its at the O: Style Spotlight: Things that make you laugh
The layouts I have seen so far are hysterical.
Just look at this one by Ellen/kentrabay

I have been in my typical “Oh yuck, it’s February and I am tired of being cold” mood. I had to think about things that make me laugh, Well, I came up with something that makes  my entire family laugh, no mattter how lousy we are feeling.

I found this amazing kit by Kathyrn Wilson, Roo Rah.  Its fun colors  and  papers were perfect to show off my favorite stuffed “friends.”

So the next time you are feeling a bit down, take a look at these two “critters.” (We’re still not sure exactly *what* they are!) See if they don’t make you laugh just by looking into their eyes!


One response to “Laughing!!

  1. LOL – the layouts are great, thanks for the spotlight reminder!

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