Photo Editor and Some Cool Photo Effects.

One of the biggest “bummers” when I use ACDSee Photo Editor is that I cannot use actions. When I am scraping with CS2, I can load and run actions on my photos to get some really cool looks and effects. However, I do not to despair too much. Photo Editor has some fun “Adjustments” that can done to photos to make them stand out.

Here is a really cute picture of Gary and I. This is the “original” shot.

Now I am going to open it up in Photo Editor, make a copy by Save As….. and renaming it as the File Name_ Copy.jpg.

Now lets have fun.

First, lets try a Sepia Tone. Go to Adjustments|Color|Sepia. This brings up a workspace of  the original photo and the photo with the sepia adjustment applied.  I am not to happy with the “auto” tone on it so I am going to play around with the Sliders a bit. The default “Aging” amount it 100. I am going to slide that down until I have a look that I am happy with. When I get to 40, I like this look. Save  your photo with a new name. I used Sepia 40.jpg so I will be able to  find it when I want to add it to the right spot in this blog post.

Now lets try the same thing but using a black and white photo “base.” Close your saved photo. Go back to the image basket and open up your original photo again. Open your Copy photo going to the “Recent Files” “under  File

This time I am going to Adjustments| Color|Sepia and then I am going to check the Black and White Photo option. Drag my sliders down to I like the effect- I am going to use the same setting (40) so you can see the difference. Now I want to age it a bit further by adding some Noise, then some Dust and Scratches. To further wash out the color I am going to go to Color | Maximum, and set the radius to 5. The last thing I am going to  do to this photo is to create a soft edge using a Vignette. Go to Create in the Tool Bar, then select Vignette Tool.  I am using a rectangular vignette, and all I have to do is drag the tool over the photo until I get the soft  edge I want, and click Apply when I am ready. I am going to save this photo as Sepia 2.PNG. You need the png format to maintain that transparency.

Let’s try something funky now. We are going to use Dynamic Adjustments. (Object| Dynamic Adjustments| Add

First I am going to Desaturate the photo (Color| Hue and Saturation) by bringing the saturation down to -50 and the lightness up to 1. I prefer using Hue and Saturation over Grey Scale because I have more control over the outcome. Next I want add some drama with Lens Flare. (Object| Dynamic Adjustments| Add| Artistic | Lens Flare). Again, by playing with the sliders I can get the exact effect I want. To add some texture I am going to go again to Object| Dynamic Adjustments| Add| Artistic | and now try Crystallize. It just makes a fun, but dramatic photo.

Hope that you have as much fun with this as I do!


2 responses to “Photo Editor and Some Cool Photo Effects.

  1. Cool mini tutorial Chris!!!

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